NFL Draft - 2023 + briefly explained & preview

NFL Draft 2023

The next NFL Draft will take place on April 27th, 2023 in Kansas City, Missouri, and will of course be streamed live again.

NFL Draft 2023 - April

Past drafts:

NFL Draft 2022

LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada

Pick #1: Travon Walker, Edge, (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Pick #2: Aidan Hutchinson, Edge, (Detroit Lions)

Pick #3: Derek Stingley, CB, (Houston Texans)

NFL Draft - what is it actually?

During the annual NFL draft, the top players from the US colleges are placed on the NFL teams. The NFL has a very complex draft system for this.

The draft is one of the reasons why the NFL professional league is and remains so exciting, as the top talents often go to the currently weaker teams, giving them another chance to field a better team.

Best example in recent years: Cincinnati Bengals

The last few years have always been bad rather than good seasons, then they brought in the new quarterback Joe Burrow in the draft, and boom, they were in his second season in the Superbowl against the Rams.

NFL Draft Rules

Basically, the worst team of the last season can choose the first player (draft pick #1), i.e. draft.

However, the teams may also exchange, buy or otherwise negotiate draft places with each other. There are special manager teams here that do nothing but worry about the next draft all year round.

And: the draft pick #1 is not always a good NFL player. It has often happened that players who were drafted first have not been able to convince in the NFL. So it also has a lot to do with chance & luck (despite all the stats preparation).

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