NY Cap - Damen & Herren

What does the "NY" on the cap mean?

NY is an abbreviation for New York and is the official logo of the New York Yankees, a famous MLB League baseball team from the USA

The NY Caps are now available from several brands, as the Yankees have given their trademark rights to many brands.

These include the brands NEW ERA and 47 Brand.

The NY Cap is generally unisex, but when it comes to the colors, there are of course tendencies that men prefer dark blue (original) or black, while women tend to buy the NY Cap in beige, pink or light blue. But any way he likes.

NY is therefore not its own brand, but the team logo of the New York Yankees.

A similarly well-known logo for caps is "LA" from the Los Angeles Dodgers (also baseball).

History of the NY sign:

Famous quotes:

"I made the Yankees hat more famous than a yankee can" (Jay-Z in "Empire State of Mind" feat. Alicia Keys - the "New York" song)