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Founded: January 2021.

I've been a fan of American football since I was 8 years old.

Since then, this sport has fascinated me so much that I sit on the couch "every damn Sunday" (when it's the season) and root for it. I would like to tell you more about how I got into FOOTBALL...

Miami Dolphins: first (football) love: 8 years (1987)

USA, Florida vacation with the parents: and a random visit to what was then the Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami got me excited: I suddenly found this American sport with the cool helmets and this leather egg MEGA and it had caught me. Dan Marino was my hero back then and hung as a poster in my room (I still have the poster today).

Hamburg Silver Eagles + Frankfurt Galaxy: The German Years (and 2nd love: (ca. 1990 -1995)

A great sports teacher offers free tickets to American Football in Hamburg. We are on! The Silver Eagles are playing in the Victoria Stadium in HH-Eppendorf, a big party for us as students.

After the AMERICAN BOWL in August 1992 with the Dolphins, I was totally blown away, finally US football in Germany!

Mum and I go to the Frankfurt Waldstadion for the game, later in the year the Frankfurt Galaxy wins in the final of the "World League" (WLAF) and becomes "World Champion"...

Angelo State Rams + Texas Longhorns: football love 3: 26 years (2005)

I was in the USA to study, had received a scholarship at a Texas university (through my German university). In Texas, football means EVERYTHING to the people. Huge stadiums are even filled there for college football, more than here in the Bundesliga. In 2005/06 the Austin Longhorns were in the college finals (Rose Bowl vs. USC) and after their victory all of Texas was nothing but burnt orange. It was a great time.

Dallas Cowboys: football love 4: 30 years (2009)

Once you've experienced the hospitality of the southern United States, you can only become a fan of football. The cowboys are the flagship of this great football tradition in the southern United States (even if they haven't been very successful in sport for years). They are the "Americas Team". So it's more of a "homesick for Texas" football love...

...and the best thing about football: it doesn't matter which team you're cheering for = football is family!

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