Snack Stadium - Super Bowl

SNACK STADION - for your perfect game day

The perfect spot for your Super Bowl snacks.

The highlight of every NFL season is always the Super Bowl in the new year. This is celebrated by football fans all over the world.

You can buy different variants of a worthy snack stadium from us. Either huge or small depending on what you need at home for your perfect football night.

Why the hype about "Snack Stadium"?

Because it's great fun to look at the craziest, self-built snack stadiums every year at the Superbowl and be amazed.

The craziest stadiums are being built: made of wood, aluminum foil, with huge storage compartments for everything you can eat.

Here are a few impressions from the web:

What goes in a snack stadium?

- Nachos & Dip (Cheese or Abocado)

- hot dogs

- Burger

- Sweets (M&Ms eg)

But basically you can put EVERYTHING you want in it! :)

A few examples - Top10 Snack Stadium

And here is a ranking of the top 10 snack stadiums (subjective of course) compiled by US site DELISH: all time/

Snack-Stadion - Beispiel aus Web