Chio Tortilla Snack Helm - where and why?

Chio Tortilla Snack Helm - where and why?

The Chio Tortilla Snack Helmet was once a prize as part of an advertising campaign.

Chio is an advertising partner for Sat1 and the football programs on the Pro7Sat1 channels. Since football fans apparently eat a lot of nachos and guacamole (unfortunately that's true, the American Avocado Association even advertises at the Superbowl!), Chio is also giving a lot to the target group in Germany.

Chio's snack helmet can therefore only be bought or won during promotional periods (usually around the Super Bowl).

BUT: the original NFL snack helmets in our shop are much cooler than the Chio snack helmet. Each team has the original player helmet as a snack helmet variant.

So the football snack evening is saved!

PS: here are a few more funny TV spots from Chio: