NFL trading cards

Mystery Packs (Retro) + Panini (coming soon)

My passion for trading cards started very early, I think I was 12 years old and had brought the first NFL PRO-SET cards from the USA from our Florida vacation.

Just unpacking the trading cards was always a highlight for me back then; what's in it? Do I have a special "glitter card" with me? Team logos or Superbowl tickets?

The passion is now fully rekindled after a break of many years! the little boy in me is as happy as a Cheshire cat when I unpack the NFL trading cards.

There used to be many providers like Topps, PRO-SET, Upper Deck or Fleer.

You can read how the whole trading card business came about here or specifically for American Football here.

Meanwhile, the PANINI company is dominating the game here too, here is a preview of the 2021 NFL PRIZM boxes: