NFL Gamepass 2022 - subscription: costs, features & CONCLUSION

Considering getting the NFL Gamepass?

As a longtime user of this NFL streaming service, I can give you some info on that and maybe make your decision for/against it easier.

I myself am a fan of the original US commentators. Although Esume & Co do their German job really well, as a US fan I'm more inclined towards the original commentary. But now there are also games with German commentators...

Let's get to the FACTS:


I have the NFL Gamepass in the subscription with automatic, annual renewal and pay 168€ for the subscription per season.
If you calculate these costs per month (a full NFL season is approx . 6 months), then it's about €28 per month for the NFL streaming package.

In comparison: a SKY football subscription costs around €20 (as of Jan 2022), other subscriptions such as Netflix, Spotify, etc. around €10-15 per month.sdsdodsds

UPDATE (06/30/2022):

According to the email from the NFL, the price of the game pass will be increased this year from €168 to €172 (increase of €4) for the "Season Pro" game pass. There is even an option to pay in installments. In addition, every long-term customer of the Gamepass subscription, if it is set to "Auto-Renewal", gets a one-time 20% discount in the NFL shop and you also take part in a raffle for an NFL beanie.


You can watch ALL NFL games with Gamepass. You can watch the games as often as you want. For example, it's great if an NFL game is only on at 2 a.m., then you don't have to stay up, you can watch the game "as live" in the app the next day just as if you were watching it LIVE (not before spoilers on social media).

There are some content features that you (almost) only get in the game pass:

- Hard Knocks (Series: new every year. Here, an NFL team is always followed with the camera before the start of the season. Super interesting!) - A teaser:


- NFL Network

- NFL Programs

- NFL Originals

- the NFL award shows (NFL Honors, NFL Hall of Fame, etc)

- NFL Legends, A Football Life (great movie series)

- NFL Gameday Shows (watch Sundays before the game)

- watch old superbowls again (with US original commentary)


Since autumn 2021 you can also watch some games in German on the NFL Gamepass. At the weekend there should be up to 3 live games with German commentary. One of the commentators is, for example, Max von Garnier (formerly Blue Devils Hamburg, now NFL flag organizer in DE + footballerei guest).

So something was done for the German fans with the game pass.


- what devices are supported for NFL Gamepass?

all devices are supported, there is also a mobile app. With Samsung TVs you can download the TV app, with GoogleTV, AppleTV too. However, only one login is possible at a time, so you cannot be logged in on 2 devices at the same time.

- Where can I get the NFL Game Pass?

Here is the direct link:

- how do I cancel NFL Game Pass?

Simply in the app under "Edit account


If you really want to watch football every weekend + want to see more than just the individual games, I think NFL Gamepass is the best option. It offers a lot of football content on demand and fills the heart of a (German) NFL fan with joy. If the Americans can do anything, it's digital offerings and telling stories.

As a longtime football fan and passionate fantasy football player, I can't avoid the game pass, it's a lot of fun for me.

If you calculate the money you pay per month, then again it's not much more than other streaming subscriptions. You're definitely getting a lot for the money.

By the way, you can practice your English a bit while watching the US original sound :)

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me. You can find the email address in the imprint.