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The NFL is the world's most famous sports league and has 32 teams that compete each year for the Super Bowl, the championship in American football

What does the abbreviation NFL stand for?

NFL stands for "National Football League" and describes the American professional league in American footballIt grew together historically from the merger of the AFL (American Football League) and the then existing NFL

Why is it so hard to get good NFL merch in Germany?

Nearly 100% of NFL merchandise comes from the United StatesHowever, since shipping from the USA is expensive and you also have to deal with customs problems, the NFL decided at some point to set up a sub-company in Great Britain and from there to customers in to ship EuropeBut then BREXIT came

The NFL Europe Shop still exists in the UKThis has meanwhile led to major problems with shipping to Germany, as due to Brexit, England is now a customs export country and is therefore more expensive to ship

The NFL is currently working on an optimized line-up for Europe

What's still better anyway: support your local football shop! :)